Craft your own story, explore new tastes, and relax in the energetic, casual vibe while our hospitable team cares for you. Our number one focus is to let you feel how much you matter to us through thoughtful interactions and genuine hospitality. At Oak & Stone it is a whole different kind of experience the way we do things for you, and not just put you through a process.

We will continue to evolve, to stay relevant, and strive to attract more and more friends as we grow. But the legacy of artisanal pizzas, gourmet tavern fare, craft beer and cocktails, and delighting you with heartfelt hospitality, will remain at our core.

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Here is what they are saying about us

Hard working crew

"We have a large crew and each person is an extremely hard worker. Everyone is always willing to put a hand out to help one another. And we always seem to have fun in the middle of being crazy busy. We laugh and have fun while working."

A pleasure to work for this company

"The owners and managers at Oak and Stone made me feel incredibly valued. It has been a great experience to work with everyone there. I began as a server and became a closing and/or opening employee. I showed my interest in caring for and maintaining and managing the beer wall and I was met with pleasant surprise when they gave me the position I wanted. I was later asked to become a manager."

Great place to work

"Super helpful management and overall high team morale. Consistently busy which means stable income. Sections are organized and thought out, overall exceptional experience for a restaurant job!"