Oak & Stone’s Hoops & Hops Beer Bracket is BACK!

Get ready to score big with Oak & Stone’s 2024 Hoops & Hops Beer Bracket! Starting March 18th through April 8th, guests will have a chance earn points for their favorite competing brews by pouring from the largest self-serve Beer Wall in the region! 

Each week, hand-selected beers will go head-to-head to see which will be crowned the 2024 Hoops & Hops Champion! The reigning champion of 2023’s bracket, Barriehaus Brewing’s Oak & Stone Snowbird Pilsner, is back for a chance to reclaim the title.  

How does it work? Guests visiting their favorite Oak & Stone location will pour their favorite brew (or brews) from the Beer Wall. At the end of each week, our team will calculate the total amount poured of each competing beer, collectively across all Oak & Stone locations. The beers with the greatest amount poured will move on to the next round. Guests can keep up with the standings on the Oak & Stone social platforms to see if their favorite beer made it to the next round! 

In addition, Oak & Stone is raising the stakes this year with exclusive competitor discounts! In Week 1, all competing beers will be 20% off all week long. That’s not all! As the number of competitors decreases, the discounts increase! In Week 2, the Frothy Four will be 30% off, the Finalists will be 40% off in Week 3, and the Hoops & Hops Beer Bracket winner will be 50% off on April 8th ONLY! 

Take a look at our Week 1 Match-Ups (March 18th – March 24th): 

Barriehaus Bar Co. Oak & Stone Snowbird Pilsner (Tampa, FL) vs. Windermere Brewing Windermere Light Lager (Windermere, FL) 

7venth Sun Brewery Graffiti Orange Wheat Ale (Dunedin, FL) vs. FMB Brewing Keys in the Bowl Key Lime Witbier (Orlando, FL) 

Palm City Brewing Hazify IPA (Ft. Myers, FL)   vs. Tripping Animals Brewing Everhaze IPA (Doral, FL) 

Green Bench Brewing Co. Sunshine City IPA (St. Petersburg, FL) vs. Cigar City Brewing Florida Man IPA (Tampa, FL) 

Join us March 18th – April 8th to tap into the excitement of our Hoops & Hops Beer Backet! Follow along with the weekly standings on Instagram and Facebook @oakandstonerestaurants. For additional information, please visit oakandstone.com.  

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